November 14, 2017


What Is Web Development?


There are mainly two types of Web developers : Front-end Developers and the back-end developers. The duty of Front-end web developers is to come up with the set of instructions also known as code, which further displays visual design. These developers must have dexterity in HTML, CSS and Javascript. These skills are further utilized in creation of many layouts and styles of website. For the very basic website, only front-end web development is enough. But on the other hand, the complex websites these days require both front-end and back-end development process.

Back-end developers master advanced programming languages to achieve the complex and hard functionality of the website. These developers focus on the functionality of the website instead of look of the website. These days, e-commerce website requires the skills of back-end developers to implement complex functions like shopping carts and payment process, so that customers can easily purchase and sell things online.

Back-end developers requires knowledge of PHP and other database softwares to connect any web application to desired database. Back-end developers  design database very carefully to organize different type of products and  categories of users with different age groups and sex. They also implement several APIs for different web forms and maps. Without any help of existing web development tools, these developers can develop any website from the very beginning. They develop web application by keeping the need of client in their mind.